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Heatshrink tubing selection - Search for a product by category I.E.. Material type, shrink ratio size etc. Try our usage guide if your not sure where to begin.

Custom Heatshrink™ - Imprinted graphics and logos, text serial numbers and/or bar codes on many types of shrink tubing (done in-house) usually ship within 48hours. Send us your artwork on paper, fax, on disk or by email.


Steinel™ Heat Guns - As a service to our heat shrink customers we carry Steinel™ heat guns imported from Germany. We believe these are the very best heat guns available. Our favorite is the Model HG 3002 LCD. Other great Steinel products and accessories are also available.



SOLDERPRO™ - We also carry the SOLDERPRO™ butane powered, self-igniting, portable and multifunctional heat tool. In other words, a cordless heat gun and soldering iron all in one. The soldering and heat tips are also available.