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Custom printed


How much can I say
on what length Heatshrink™?

How many lines and at what pointsize text will fit on what diamter Heatshrink™?

Understanding ratios?
2 to 1 and 3 to 1.


Heatshrink.comT can custom imprint logos, text, serial numbers and/or bar codes on many types of shrink tubing (done in-house) and usually ship within 48 hours. Send us your artwork on paper (fax (801) 627-6980), on
disk or by Email.

For best results please follow these guidelines. They will reduce the time we can deliver the product to you, and increase the print quality.

If your submiting your logo or artwork either by mail or by    fax please ensure that it is a clean image, and the
   larger the better. You can submit an electronic image by    mail. If you do, we accept the following formats: floppy    3.5" disk, zip 100 or 250 disk and cdr 74min recordable.

Send your electronic image to bryan@heatshrink.com.    We accept many formats: tiffs, eps, bmp, jpg and gif's.
   If you are sending an image that's not on this list please      give us a call to ensure we can work with it. For jpeg,    save your image using the best quality. Please make    sure the image is 200dpi or greater (not to exceed    400dpi). We use a single color print system. This    means the tubing or print can be a variety of different    colors, but print itself can only be one color. For best    results send your image in a two color format. Black
and white. We can then take the image and print it
using your selected tubing color and print color.